Update On Miss Digi – She’s Sicker

First of here is a photo of Digi I took at the hospital this afternoon.  At the bottom of this post, I’ll post another photo where you can see where oxygen is being pumped in and a heater to keep her warm.

Anyhow about an hour ago, the Doctor called and said she needs to be incubated (tube down throat) again, because her throat is so swollen she can’t get air any other way.

There is a surgeon coming to the hospital tonight to perform a tracheotomy, which will allow her to breathe without using her nasal passages. Then the doctors think (hope) they can get in and repair the congenital defect that caused all of this.  The tracheotomy will most likely keep her hospitalized for awhile, but hopefully Digi could make a full recovery.

This is a Hail Mary (last resort) attempt to keep her alive.  There is still a possibility we will have to put her down.  So we are waiting up as long as it takes to get the surgeon there and give Digi and exam and hopefully do some surgery on her.  If that isn’t possible, these will be the last photos I will take of our baby Digi.  She isn’t even 3 years old yet.

Here is the other photo, I took at the hospital.  Keep your prayers and well wishes going.  Thanks.


  1. Dear Cee, How much you adore your Miss Digi has shined through your writings here from day 1 and I’m sure she knows how loved she is. Wishing a good, healing outcome for her. Best. Babsje

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  2. This is so horrible! I’m so sorry to hear about Digi having problems. She knows you love her and all of the caring thoughts & energy speeding her way may help her get through this. I know all too well how hard this is for you. ((Hugs)) to you and a fervent wish for Digi to get well.

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