WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed

Here is my entry for this week’s Word Press’s Weekly Photo Challenge with the topic Shadowed.   I hope you enjoy.  Have a great week everyone!



010915shadowQi (energy) hugs,



  1. Wonderful. I especially like the first one … and of course, anything with your pug in it is going to be a favorite. Bonnie just came back from outside with her black face completely covered in white snow. We know what SHE has been doing. Winter and dogs. And shadows.


    1. Snowy faces and dogs are adorable. Shadow (in pug in the photo) love to clean out our cottage cheese and yogurt containers (the big ones). She is funny and she gets all white too.


  2. Your leaf shadows/leaf against the fence is gorgeous. My new favorite. Took me awhile to figure out what it is. Love that. Miss being able to post . My archives I can’t get to and can’t figure out how to post new pics…oh well. One day. I’ll enjoy yours instead.


  3. Bravo Cee! The viewer can almost feel the texture in the first photo; the angst of the dog in the second and the visual serenity in the third. Thank you for sharing your work.


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