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Flower of the Day (February 20, 2015) – Crocus

ENJOY!  Photo taken in Canby, Oregon on Wednesday February 19, 2015.

021915flowerQi (energy) hugs


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  1. Stunning!! I need to move to Oregon. The only thing blooming in New York is more snow and ice!! Love your gorgeous flowers! When I was a girl my Mom used to order Burpee catalogs then get the seeds and plant a small garden in our backyard. I have fond memories of roses and tulips. I can still see my parents turning over the front and backyards, putting down peat moss and really getting into growing stuff. I did not inherit the green thumb gene however I live in the concrete menagerie so I just go to NYC green spaces.


    • I bet you do have some fond memories. Green spaces in cities are so necessary for health and sanity reasons. I’m glad you get some green time too. 🙂


  2. I want some of my own! Normally, they would be poking up through the snow, but nothing can poke up through this mess. But I fondly believe they are down there … struggling.


      • I thought it was weird too. I would have thought the purple ones just rotted but I found them dug up and shredded. I’m assuming it was the squirrels because they’re the only animal I know of that digs in my yard.


  3. There’s a tree around the corner here where a couple of crocuses pop out at the base. It always makesme smile when I see them there. I CAN’T WAIT (she said as the snow fell outside her window and the wind howled like a banshee!)


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