Color Your World – Purple Mountain Majesty

Here is my entry for Jennifer’s Color Your World challenges for the color of Purple Mountain Majesty.

Qi (energy) hugs



  1. That’s a shot i’d be very proud of! Congratulations and thanks for sharing it with everyone. 🙂

    Have you tried gently tugging the ‘beard’?



    1. Thanks for your wonderful comment. No I have not thought of pulling on their beards. I may try that with a couple of my own iris. I would never do it out in the iris fields though.


          1. That’s a No-No!

            I took a pretty photo in a local bushland park of wild gladioli growing amongst a frame of decayed tree branches once. Tried taking my mother round the park to show her and someone had kindly cut all the stems and was presumably going to take them home (a $200 fine) when they must have seen someone approaching and dropped them on the ground near where they were cut. Total selfish waste. I am sometimes ashamed of my species.


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  2. You have captured a great purple picture. I know there are photography challenges. Do they have a winner, or is to challenge people to look at different things to photograph?


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