Some air quality visual graphics for you

The threat of our house being burned has been reduced that is unless the wind shifts.  The promise of rain today now won’t happen until Thursday.

Chris found some graphics on how bad the air is in my area.

This first graphic shows how far spread the smoke is.   It goes out over the pacific and we are getting smoke here in Idaho Falls, Idaho 725 miles to the east.  The air quality here in Idaho is bad.  So I’m being stuck inside here as well.

Where the purple is on the map just south of Portland is where my house is and where I live.  They have closed most businesses and are telling people do not go outside because the air quality is so bad.

If you follow the darkest red down find the 695 air quality … that is where I live.  Normal air quality is like 50 or below.  Bad air quality is between 100-150.  [NOTE:  here in Idaho we are about 165.] Dangerous air is anything above.  Just to give you an idea.

Freddie, our cat is doing well and so is Digi.  Maddie, the baby black pug, we’ve sedated her.  She is so exhausted and she is now sleeping peacefully.

I’ve taken a couple of photos here with my camera, but I have no way of downloading them to my computer.

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  1. I am glad you are safe and hopefully your home will survive. I am monitoring the Dolan Fire in California where my relatives own inherited property. There too the property is near enough to fire but at the moment looks like it won’t get that far.

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  2. Thanks for the update. Cannot believe how bad the smoke is even where you are now. That map is just one big alert on how bad the forest management program is on the west coast.


  3. You’ve been on my mind. I also have family in Oregon, Washington and California. We had smoke over Southern AZ, but this afternoon the sky was almost clear. I appreciate the updates and continue to keep you all in our thoughts and prayers. 🙏🏻🤗💔


  4. The rain is welcome but when it comes down it will be full of ash. Took me months to get it off everything, my advice is don’t wait too long or it’s a bitch to shift.


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